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The abbey archive, which dates back to the 13th century, comprises around 1,500 original documents, 250 archival books and records relating to monks, abbey parishes, abbey properties and businesses. Lilienfeld Abbey has not only preserved its two founding documents, but also a document from Duke Frederick II dating back to 1230.
Lilienfeld Abbey is the custodian of the precious 14th-century Concordantiae caritatis codex. This codex is a particularly well-preserved manuscript with many unique illustrations. It is listed in the UNESCO "Memory of Austria" register.
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The Urbar from 1536 is particularly interesting for local history researchers.

Major upheavals such as the dissolution in 1789 or the Second World War have left large gaps in the archive inventory. For example, there are no longer any baroque building plans or building invoices in the archive and the monks′ estates, and the records of the economic enterprises do not begin until the middle of the 19th century for the most part.

In addition, the following collections are kept in the abbey archive (the order is based on that of diocesan archivist Gerhard Winner):
  • Graphic collection
  • Photographic collection
  • Plan and map collection
  • Xylotheque

Music archive

Most of the inventory of the Lilienfeld music archive dates back to the era of the abbots Ladislaus Pyrker, Malachias Schmeger and Ambros Becziczka, who presided over the abbey between 1812 and 1861. External influences, such as the dissolution of 1789/90, the plundering of the abbey by the French in 1805 and finally the fire of 1810, which incinerated the choirboys′ building, largely decimated the older inventory. The music collection of Lilienfeld Abbey also includes two intact fortepianos and a flute secretary from the early 19th century.

Initial research

For initial research at the abbey archives, you can use the
online portal of the Austrian archives.

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The abbey archive is open to visitors for research purposes. Opening hours are by appointment.

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