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Church music has played a major role at Lilienfeld Abbey for centuries. Individual priests, including Abbé Maximilian Stadler, P. Alberich Seidl and P. Cornelius Scherzinger, have distinguished themselves as composers.

On special celebrations, exquisite classical music is sung during Holy Mass by the abbey choir under the direction of Florian Pejrimovsky. The abbey organist Karen De Pastel regularly plays the large monastery organ, which has 44 stops.

Every year, many concerts are offered at Lilienfeld Abbey under the direction of Karen De Pastel. Since 1982, the two-week Summer Academy, an advanced training course for musicians, has been held in July under the direction of Karen De Pastel.
Karen de Pastel
Karen de Pastel
Dir. Prof. Mag. Dr. h.c.

Abbey organist in Lilienfeld
Florian Pejrimovsky
Florian Pejrimovsky
MMag. Art

Abbey choirmaster in Lilienfeld

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