The natural abbey park on the abbey grounds

Abbot Ambros Becziczka (1825 - 1862) had a park with exotic trees and shrubs laid out on a slope to the south-west of the abbey grounds. There was once a small animal park with deer and roe deer on this site. A document from 1868 lists 415 different plant species that were brought to Lilienfeld from distant lands via Hamburg.

In addition to the abbot′s hobby, the park was intended in particular for the recreation of the conventuals. For us today, it reflects the spirit of the early 19th century in a special way. The newly laid out landscape gardens with their serpentine paths, streams, waterways and architectural features were intended to create an idealistic image of nature and bring home the diversity discovered in the wider world, turning away from the strict geometric forms of the baroque era.
Today, the abbey park is freely accessible.
At the highest point of the park is the so-called "Chinese". This pagoda-like lookout point forms the south-western corner of the stone wall.