A place of wonder

A place of wonder DISCOVER THE ABBEY

Lilienfeld Abbey looms unexpectedly as a huge monastery building in the picturesque foothills of the Alps next to the main road between St. Pölten and Mariazell, after many bends in the Traisental valley: it is a place whose sudden appearance is surprising, a place that invites you to marvel at its impressive size.
Staunen Größe


Lilienfeld Abbey is home to the largest Abbey Church in Austria, simple and with an impressive size, full of sublime dignity and majesty, radiating peace. All in all, a place of worship that provokes a reverent sense of wonder. Lilienfeld Abbey is the largest Cistercian complex in Central Europe. 

The monks have been summoning God′s blessing for centuries. Important figures in history have been here, including dukes, kings and emperors. Numerous pilgrims have called in here and many people have drawn strength here. This place, which connects heaven and earth, can still be experienced today as a heavenly place of wonder.
Abt Pius vor dem Altar


In the centre of the collegiate basilica there is the most important painting of the entire monastery. For several centuries, the eyes of the monks, pilgrims and churchgoers have  been drawn to this one painting. It rises above the high altar with a striking size. It shows the Assumption of Mary into heaven, painted by the Baroque artist Daniel Gran. It shows the apostles marvelling at the Mother of God and the open sky.

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