Mönche im Kreuzgang

The community of monks

Lilienfeld Abbey currently comprises a community of 18 Fathers and 2 Brothers. They seek to put the words "ora et labora" (pray and work) into practice day after day in accordance with the rule of St. Benedict. Their main task is the daily choir prayer. Some priests work in pastoral care or in administration, or look after guests. Some help with the running of the abbey.
Despite the different characters, interests and imperfections of the individual Fathers and Brothers, they feel united by their common spiritual vocation. They endeavour to cultivate their spiritual community through mutual respect, tolerance and appreciation.


Abt Pius


From  Unterdürnbach (Lower Austria)
Professed in 1990; ordination to the priesthood in 1996
novice master, abbot since 2019
The abbot holds the highest responsibility in the community of Lilienfeld Abbey. Abbot Pius Maurer was elected as abbot in 2019. He comes from Unterdürnbach (municipality of Maissau, Lower Austria)Before becoming abbot, he was prior of Lilienfeld Abbey for many years.
He is also the parish pastor of Lilienfeld, Traisen and Wilhelmsburg. His creed is: "Deus meus, in te confido", "My God, in you I trust" (Ps 25,2). Abbot Matthäus Nimmervoll was abbot of Lilienfeld Abbey from 1993 to 2019. Even after his retirement due to illness, he still lives at Lilienfeld Abbey, where he participates in the life of the community as much as his health allows.


From Dornbirn (Vorarlberg)
Professed in 1999; ordination to the priesthood in 2003
Prior since 2019
The prior represents the abbot in some internal matters of the monastery. P. Maximilian Cordin has been Prior of Lilienfeld Abbey since 2019. He comes from Vorarlberg. Before becoming prior, he was a parish priest in Mitterbach and Klostermarienberg.

P. Hermann Josef

From Rees/Lower Rhine
Professed in 2018; ordination to the priesthood in 2022
The guest master of Lilienfeld Abbey is Father Hermann Joseph Schöppe. He looks after the guests and pilgrims who visit Lilienfeld Abbey. He is assisted by the staff at the Stiftspforte, where guests normally reserve their rooms at the abbey.


The daily routine of our  community of monks is basically characterised by a rhythmic sequence of prayers and varied work in the monastic community. It is structured by the hours of the Liturgy of the Hours.
5.45 AMA monk rings the convent bell as a call to morning prayer.
6.15 AMStart of morning choral prayer
(Invitatory, reading and lauds)
6.45 AMConventual mass
ca. 7.30 AMBreakfast
8.15 AMChoral prayer at the third hour (Terce)
12.00 noon choral prayer (sext)
approx. 2.00 PMWork
6.00 PMEvening choral prayer (vespers)
6.30 PMDinner
8.00 PMRosary
Nighttime silence
Mönche im Gebet

Become a monk

A Christian attitude to life, human maturity and the joy of living in a close community.
Abt Pius frei